Trees and plants grow faster in the light; so do we.

Mold grows faster in the dark. 

Have you ever noticed how your thoughts about other people AMPLIFY in the dark? The small annoyance becomes a large annoyance. That small comment becomes a big comment. That look she gave you, in your thoughts it becomes something larger than life. Mold grows faster in the dark. 

As we ruminate, the small seed in our brain becomes a tree. (I learned this from Caroline Leaf)

Darkness causes us to stumble, light exposes our path. In the light, we can see threats and dodge them. In the dark we stumble on toys, carseats, and run into tables. 

This is why the body of Christ and community are so important.

This is why being in the Word is so important.

This is why testing the spirits is so important.(1 John 4:1)

That is why seeking out Biblical counsel is so important.

This is why God is both TRUTH and LIGHT.

Sin grows in the dark. Lies grow in the dark. Amplified thoughts about others grow in the dark. Hatred grows in the dark, and small secrets grow into land mines. 

The dark recesses of our minds, the unchecked thoughts of our hearts, and every time we are alone and begin to think certain thoughts, we can choose life or choose death. (Deuteronomy 30:15-20)

Pride announces, “I know all things.”

Humility announces, “I need others and God’s word to light my way”

In these quiet, sacred spaces we must always bring to light and question what we think. You see, what we subconsciously assume, what we read, who we listen to, it has the ability to shape our lives. If it remains unchecked by others, we run the risk of of remaining in the dark. 

Bring things to the light:

By being in fellowship with others, staying in the word, letting others challenge us, checking our thoughts with the word, taking every thought captive, sharing our hearts, and being proactive of not letting those thoughts grow into mold, instead in the light God’s word causes us to blossom and grow.