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Teaching Women How to Study the Bible

Join a Community of Women that have said YES to prioritizing what matters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip women with sound theology and doctrine. We are tired of the, “fluff.” We want to be women that hold a solid foundation in the Bible. Through Bible Study tools, e-courses, and teaching we want to propel you forward in the gospel, all for HIS glory not our own. There is room at our table, come join us.

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I'm Mikella

Welcome to this sacred mess.

Stained t-shirts. Dry Shampoo. Endless cups of Coffee.
Authenticity matters to us. We teach women how to CHASE God first and foremost in their lives and to prioritize what matters. As an author, mom, speaker, entrepreneur and seminary student I’ll provide you with different resources to further your walk with God. Join my email list to receive a weekly devotional, and Monday Motivational Tips on living out your calling for Him. Having trouble with Bible Study? Feel overwhelmed and unsure?

Check out my ecourse Step Up Your Bible Study and follow along to stay updated on my Bible Study Resources. Hope you join me in learning more about God, encouraging others, and putting our best foot forward.

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The Jesus Agenda

Hey All,Ya feeling like I am feeling?I find myself discouraged a lot. Whether it is in business, in life, or in thing's I am pursuing. Many times I feel like things aren't matching the expectations I had for them, or I am not able to pursue what I feel designed to pursue. You know what I mean? I ... READ the POST

To God be the Glory

"in beatings, imprisonments and riots; in hard work, sleepless nights and hunger..." (2 Corinthians 6:5) I think it’s easy to throw up our hands and say, “my life is for HIS Glory! God’s Glory!” Then in the thick of it. We start to think? “Is this what GLORY looks like? Shouldn’t it look ... READ the POST

Calling or Dream

There is a difference between a calling, and a dream. I believe God can merge the two: your dreams and his calling can be one and the same and often are, but it is not always the case. Here is why I am tired of all of our so-called “DREAMS” and the constant Instagram messages to, “follow your ... READ the POST